The Scrap Pile | Wedding etiquette

The scrap pile: wedding etiquette

Welcome to the scrap pile! Hopefully you know the drill by now but if not, here's what happens. I look at a joke that I've written and try to work out how to improve it. Sometimes this will be a joke I've said on stage that hasn't worked, sometimes it will be a joke I've … Continue reading The scrap pile: wedding etiquette

inspiration list 01102019

The inspiration list 01/11/2019

Here we are gang - we've reached November already! And this is inspiration list number five! Wow, how's that for inspiring? It seems like people are actually reading these as well, which is nice, and I've started getting feedback on other people's inspiration. Overall, it's having the desired effect! So without further ado, here's another … Continue reading The inspiration list 01/11/2019

An exciting start to the comedy year

So it's been a while since I've updated this - let's face it, the daily blogging is out of the window. But, I have been writing jokes every day and working on getting booked into gigs. Take a look at my gig calendarĀ for more info on upcoming gigs. There's lots of exciting stuff coming up … Continue reading An exciting start to the comedy year

The unintentional hiatus

This blogging every day lark is harder than it looks! I haven't written a blog post for quite a long time and since well before the Christmas break but similarly I haven't done any stand-up for quite some time - in fact my last gig was the 16th December. Until last night. Having taken three … Continue reading The unintentional hiatus