Manford’s new act of the year 2019

So here is something I didn't think I'd be saying. I am the 2019 Manford's comedy club new act of the year. I've met Jason Manford. And I'm going to be playing Manford's clubs. And I've won an award. For comedy. The whole thing has been totally surreal to be honest. I don't want to … Continue reading Manford’s new act of the year 2019

The unintentional hiatus

This blogging every day lark is harder than it looks! I haven't written a blog post for quite a long time and since well before the Christmas break but similarly I haven't done any stand-up for quite some time - in fact my last gig was the 16th December. Until last night. Having taken three … Continue reading The unintentional hiatus

The most generic man in comedy

Recently I've done a few competitions. My comedy friend Gemma Roberts is running a new night in Liverpool which is a lovely set-up with a pro compere and a 20 minute set from a pro comedian at the end. The middle of the night is filled with a friendly competition between open spot level comedian's. … Continue reading The most generic man in comedy