An exciting start to the comedy year

So it's been a while since I've updated this - let's face it, the daily blogging is out of the window. But, I have been writing jokes every day and working on getting booked into gigs. Take a look at my gig calendarĀ for more info on upcoming gigs. There's lots of exciting stuff coming up … Continue reading An exciting start to the comedy year

The unintentional hiatus

This blogging every day lark is harder than it looks! I haven't written a blog post for quite a long time and since well before the Christmas break but similarly I haven't done any stand-up for quite some time - in fact my last gig was the 16th December. Until last night. Having taken three … Continue reading The unintentional hiatus

The trouble with yesterday

So yesterday, after Saturday's horrendous hangover I decided it was time to get life back on track. I used to be in semi-decent shape but I cancelled personal trainer sessions to save up for the house and then lost all motivation for going the gym. Well not any more. 3am hotel MacDonalds not withstanding, I've … Continue reading The trouble with yesterday