The inspiration list

The inspiration list 11/10/2019

This week I've been working on tweaking my existing set so I haven't really written any new jokes. I am going back over old material and trying to make it work though, and trying to get better at analysing why a joke may or may not work. I've also entered the Ultimate Insult Championships so … Continue reading The inspiration list 11/10/2019

Manford’s new act of the year 2019

So here is something I didn't think I'd be saying. I am the 2019 Manford's comedy club new act of the year. I've met Jason Manford. And I'm going to be playing Manford's clubs. And I've won an award. For comedy. The whole thing has been totally surreal to be honest. I don't want to … Continue reading Manford’s new act of the year 2019