The inspiration list blog, November 23rd

The inspiration list 23/11/2019

Hello! Not going to lie guys, I've not been feeling particularly creative this last few weeks. I've been super ill and it's made me not feel like doing much writing. What I try and do in this situation is find loads of stuff that other people are doing to try and inspire me, which is … Continue reading The inspiration list 23/11/2019

The Scrap Pile | Wedding etiquette

The scrap pile: wedding etiquette

Welcome to the scrap pile! Hopefully you know the drill by now but if not, here's what happens. I look at a joke that I've written and try to work out how to improve it. Sometimes this will be a joke I've said on stage that hasn't worked, sometimes it will be a joke I've … Continue reading The scrap pile: wedding etiquette

inspiration list 01102019

The inspiration list 01/11/2019

Here we are gang - we've reached November already! And this is inspiration list number five! Wow, how's that for inspiring? It seems like people are actually reading these as well, which is nice, and I've started getting feedback on other people's inspiration. Overall, it's having the desired effect! So without further ado, here's another … Continue reading The inspiration list 01/11/2019

Inspiration list 25/10/2019

The inspiration list 25/10/2019

Creatively, I've been in a good place this week. I'm enjoying the process of 'productive procrastination.' Basically, I've written loads of jokes and I'm going through the process of saying them on stage to work out what does and doesn't work and more-often than not, that means I'm dying hard. I take a positive look … Continue reading The inspiration list 25/10/2019