6 stand up specials you can watch for free right now!

So most of us are stuck in lock-down right now and there’s a strong possibility you’re getting tired of the sight of your own walls.

Luckily, lot’s of comedians are producing some amazing stuff to keep you entertained throughout all of this. I’m trying to share as much of what’s being made as I can over on my Facebook page.

I also thought I’d put together this list of free stand up specials that you can watch right now! I’ve tried to pick comedians who are not necessarily TV names but should be so hopefully this introduces you to some new comics.

Remember, if you like what you see, like the videos, subscribe to the channels and follow the comics on social media – it will all help when this eventually blows over and returns to normal

Rob Mulholland – Too big to fail

A full Edinburgh hour from one of the most opinionated comics on the circuit. If you don’t already know Rob you soon will. He has a great podcast (Rob Mulholland has an opinion) and is putting out daily video’s during the lockdown. Go check him out!

Freddy Quinne – Bonaly

Regular host and compere at the famous Hot Water Comedy Club, Freddy Quinne delivers one show recorded at three separate venues. Freddy has a tonne of videos online, another special on amazon prime and some audio specials on Spotify, all of which are worth checking out!

Diane Spencer – NOOB

Diane has eight full hours of specials on her YouTube channel which is crazy! And they are all excellent. I performed with Diane at the Galeri in Caernaerfon and was blown away by how good she is. Diane also produces an enviable amount of online content, including a great video of doing the same joke at multiple nights and analysing the crowd reactions – great stuff for the comedy nerds!

Andrew Schulz – The crowd work special

I didn’t know whether to include this or not but Andrew Schulz isn’t as well known in the UK as he should be I don’t think and he’s a real comedian’s comedian. American stand-up is so next level and Andrew Schulz is a level even above that.

Phil Wang – Mellow Yellow

Okay, yes, Phil Wang is a regular on TV panel shows and has made several appearances on Live at the Apollo and Roast Battles, but I think it’s fair to say that he is still not a household comedy name and he definitely should be! You can watch his full second show for free on YouTube right now.

Stuart Goldsmith – Like I mean it

Probably best known for his fantastic podcast, the comedian’s comedian, Stuart Goldsmith is a great stand up in his own right. Follow him on Facebook if you like what you see because he’s currently working on live stream comedy nights which should be great!

Hopefully there are some new faces there for you to try out. There are plenty of big names on Youtube as well – in fact, there’s a full playlist of them here:

Let me know if I’ve missed any and I’ll get this updated!

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