The inspiration list

So once again, I’m going to try and get back into the world of regular blogging. I don’t know why, I absolutely know I’m useless at it!

I thought a regular feature might make it easier to at least put out one blog a week and then anything else is a bonus so, here’s a new weekly blog post about the things that have inspired me this week!

The podcast

I’ve been listening to Jokes with Mark Simmons – a podcast in which Mark talks to other comedians about jokes they have written which for some reason or another don’t work. If you’re a comedian or not, the conversations are fascinating as Mark and his guest dissect the minutiae of joke structure and, often, make tiny technical changes that fix a joke.

It’s also extremely re-assuring to hear professional comedians talk about jokes that they were absolutely certain would work on stage only for them not to work – it’s good to know I’m not the only person this happens to!

The soundtrack

So, as a kid I was always a little bit of a mosher/emo kid and as I’ve gotten older I’ve tended to lean more towards classic rock / blues and indie, but, I also grew up with two younger sisters so even though it wasn’t my kind of music, I was always aware of chart and pop music.

And the other day I had some 90’s club classics as ear worms that I could not get rid of . So I created a Spotify playlist full of them. And it might be the greatest playlist of all time. It’s such a cheesy nostalgia trip but it honestly puts me in such a good mood to belt out a bit of Cascada or Basshunter in the car in the morning.

My younger self would hate everything I’ve become.

You can listen to the playlist for yourself here

The comedy

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Glenn Moore which is frustrating because there isn’t a lot of his stuff on YouTube (in fact, searching for his stuff is what lead me to find the Mark Simmons podcast!).

I think he’s an incredible comic writer with an obvious love for word play and his Twitter account cracks me up. If you’ve not already seen him on Comedy Central or Mock the Week I highly recommend looking out for him.

The book

I’ve gone quite middle of the road with these choices as I’m sure most people will have heard of all of these choices but hey, this is the first one!

For the book that’s inspired me I’m going to have to say James Acaster’s classic scrapes.

Honestly, if you’ve not read it, what are you doing with your life? It’s one of the funniest books I’ve read and had me genuinely laughing out loud in places which made me look like a proper weirdo.

James manages to bring his engaging style into print with stories from his past which are hilarious and awkward and everything you’d expect from him. They are a collection of short stories so it’s a great book to just pick up and dip into – similar to Adam Kay’s book that is equally brilliant.

That’s it for now – hopefully there’s something on this list that will inspire you, even if it’s just my cheesy 90’s playlist. If enough people sign up to my mailing list I might start firing out a monthly inspiration list along with a video or something or nothing.


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