Hits and Giggles

Time is getting very strange on this blog. It’s currently mid April but I’m writing this as though it’s February because that was the last time I updated… So just pretend it’s February and you’ll be sound.

So it’s February.

And my next gig is Hits and Giggles in Nantwhich, run by the extremely talented Eamon Goodfellow who I met doing the Get Booked competition in Oxford (Eamon was the 20 minute feature spot, not doing the competition!).

(It’s briefly April again – I’ve just learned that Eamon is one of the wildcards who has been brought into the final of the Manford’s new act competition so I’ll be seeing him again in a few weeks time!)

(Okay, it’s February again).

This gig is absolutely lovely and well worth doing for any comedian, it’s a small-ish but packed room with an audience who were warm and receptive the whole night. I also bumped in to Kieran Lawless who I’m a big fan of and something about that meeting made me think, I’m certain I’ll see Kieran again – probably some time around April. I just get a feeling about these things.

It was a loose 7 minute slot so I had a lot of fun trying out some newer jokes and would love to come back to this room in the future.

I also managed to not lock myself in a car park so things are really on the up for me.

The lovely room at Hits and Giggles

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